The Richest Feature-set On the Market

Agent profile - Every agent gets a unique profile with contact information and descriptive text. It can even include an audio or video introduction.  The agent can be turned off if a non-branded tour is required.
Agent Portfolio - Tour visitors can view an Agent's "Current Listings" and "Sold Listings" portfolio directly from the tour. When they can click on the “Listings” icon, it opens a new window with all the Agent’s tours. This portfolio page can be loaded into their own website once, and as each new tour is added to their portfolio it automatically appears on their website. In addition, the Agent portfolio can be used to aggregate virtual tours from other providers in once place. This is a powerful way to get Agents to switch to this platform, because it is provides and elegant way to preserve their SOLD history.

Agency Branding - Virtual Tours are branded with the Agency logo and color scheme, comprising up to six colors. This makes it possible to exactly replicate the color scheme utilized by different agencies. Approximately 30 different elements in the Virtual Tour viewer have a color attribute that is taken from the Agent profile.

Automatic Slideshow - Virtual Tours have automatic slideshows, which play as soon as the tour loads. The slideshow can be stopped and restarted by clicking on the slideshow icon, and will automatically stop, as soon as the visitor interacts with the viewer by clicking on a camera icon on the floorplans or maps, or by clicking on images or trying to interact with the image navigation controls (pan, zoom etc).

High definition images - The system automatically supports high-definition images up to any resolution. This has many benefits, including reducing the production time, becuase it is not necessary to resize the images. Additionally this enables deep precision zooming. 

Precision Zooming – Allows viewers to zoom-in to our high definition images. We use advanced zooming technology so that its possible to deliver very high resolution images, without the overhead of downloading a large file. This is just the same kind of concept being implemented on Yahoo and Google broadband maps. Each image is broken up into tiles and only what the viewer needs to display is loaded at any time.

Background Music - The agent has a variety of different music to choose from. The music he chooses will play on all his tours. The music can be turned off by the viewer on the virtual tour at any time.

Door-to-door Directions - Not only does our platform have fully integrated mapping which keeps eyeballs on the tour, instead of getting distracted by ads on the on Google, Yahoo or Mapquest mapping services. We also provide directions. The visitor can enter – just their “From” address, and email, and they will receive a full set of directions together with maps, images floorplans and property facts. This is leveraging the automated property fact sheet feature, to give people the most complete information available from any tour.

Undistorted 360’s - Plans and Tours uses both Quicktime and Flash players for panoramic images. Unlike other flash players, our Flash player for Flash Version 8 and above removes the bowing from a flat stiched file, and is almost as good as Quicktime. Most competitors simply slide a stiched file from side to side infront of the viewing window. In contrast, we have a truly cylindrical effect that almost completely eliminates the bowing. We also have a Flash VR player for Flash version 7, this behaves like other vendors Flash players and offers no bowing compensation.  Becuase of this wide support, it is never necessary for anyone to download any plug-ins in order to view a virtual tour.

Full 360 and Partial panos - The Virtual Tour viewer supports both full 360 as well as partial panos. Bowing compensation is supported in both forms. This is a great advantage over most other plaforms that only support full 360s, for two reasons. Firstly there are many cases when a full 360 just doesn't look good, because part of the image is an ugly part of the home. Secondly, if you use stitching to construct your panos, and something goes wrong with one of the images, you can't always successfully complete a full 360. This gives you a backup plan, without needing another site visit.

Full Property Details - Virtual Tours can display a variety of property details under the Details tab: including basic data, features bullets, property description, flyers, disclosures and a video walkthrough. 

Animated Headlines - Animated Headlines embellish a tour by displaying certain property characteristics. Or they can be used for additional marketing of upcoming events such as open house dates.

Maps/Aerials/Schools - Local maps images may be loaded into the tour, in a similar fashion to floorplans. These may be annotated with cameras that point to images that appear in the left hand window. These maps make it possible to show community photos in addition to the property, and to show exactly where those photos were take nfrom.

Flyers and Disclosures - If an agent purchases a Flyer, the finished PDF can be upload to the tour, so that visitors can see it and download it themselves. Similarly if the agent supplies Disclosures in a PDF form, they can all be uploaded to the sub-tab under Details. The Disclosures icon becomes illuminated, and someone clicking on it will automatically go to the disclosured page from where they can download the disclosures.

Virtual Tour on CD - From within the administration system, you can download all the images, plans and maps as an ISO image or as a ZIP file, so you can burn CDs for your clients. Or if you want to give it away without charging for it, you can enable the same download from the skin. The feature can be enabled on a per-listing basis so you can maximize your opportunities to generate revenue or add value on higher-end packages.

Visitor Statistics - Visitor statistics are captured every time a visitor views a listing. Visotir statistics can be shown in summary form within the tour, and can be obtained in real time through an external link on the Plans and Tours website, or on the Virtual Tour Hosting website. A full graphical report showing the last 10 days, last 3 months and visitor origins can be obtained at any time, showing up-to-the minute statistics.

Automated fact sheet - For agents that do not ask you to produce flyers for them, the system automatically generates a property fact sheet. It will use the photos in the tour, and whatever basic data, descriptive text and feature bullets to produce a neat printable PDF file that is fully branded with Agency colors and the Agent contact information. Visitors to the tour can download and print the PDF.  Several templates are available.

Automated e-flyer - Like the property fact sheet, the e-flyer feature produces a fully branded property fact sheet, which is emailed directly to the Agent. This can then be forwarded by the agent to his/her markerting list, to increase visibility, at no additional cost.

Easy image download - Once a tour is completed, the Agent can be sent a low-res or high-res image download link - this gives them self-service access to download the images, or even turn off images they don't like. This is an important time-saver for Virtual Tour producers becuase you don't get a support call, and don't waste your time emailing images to your clients.

Video and Audio Intro - Tours can play Audio or Video files either about the listing, or about the agent. Not all Virtual Tour providers want to promote these services because they are a hassle to produce. For this reason they are low profile on the Plans and Tours website. However, whether youwant to offer this or not, Agents often enquire about it, and it is a competitive checkbox item. This lets you say yes we can do it.

Interactive Floorplans - Unique to this Virtual Tour platform is tight integration of floorplans. Multiple floorplans can be loaded int othe tour. Each one may be viewed at the same time as viewing images. Camera and 360 on the floorplans are linked to the images. This allows the visitor to see the image and to appreciate where the image was shot.  The active image is always indicated, even during a slide show, so a visitor never gets lost or disoriented.

Dynamic mapping - In addition to static map images, the Virtual Tour Viewer is fully integrated with Yahoo mapping technology. This allows the presentation of upto 4 maps depending on the image package selected. These include a local street map, a schools map showing pace markers for all nearby schools, an aerial closeup of the street the property is on, and a highways map showing the major highways in the area. All these maps are can be zoomed in and out and panned. Furthermore, when setting up the tour, the position and zoom level can be adjusted so they look just right.

Branded or Unbranded Links - The System automatically allows both branded ( and unbranded ( tours with a different url for each. This is useful for MLS sites that do not permit agent branding. Beyond these standard features, the platform also provides additional flexibility and granularity over branding control, including the option to completely remove the virtual tour company branding. This can be a strong value add, when competing against virtual tour companies that have heavy branding of their own, that is essentially competing with the branding from the Agent. Isn’t the whole point to help them promote themselves and their property?

Links to Google and Trulia - You can provide your clients with unlimited linking to Google Base and Trulia to increase exposure to their listings. Google Base listings normally expire after 14 days automatically, but you only need to link it once, and specify how many weeks you want it linked for. The system automatically republishes the listing, so your client doesn’t miss a beat. By giving you total flexibility over how long the listing is published, you can maximize your opportunity to charge for this value added service as applicable for your market. It is a great, high-profile promotional tool for new business generation.

HD Image handling - Our still image handling allows images of any resolution and size to be loaded. The presentation in the skin can be low-res for fastest loading or in HD resolution as it suits you. Zoom technology similar to that used in Google and Yahoo mapping allows for fast initial loading as well as almost unlimited zoom. By producing print quality images and handling them through the system, we make it easy for you to deliver them efficiently to the agent, the agent’s client, and your partners such as printers.

Undistored Panoramas - You'll notice a marked difference in the quality of panoramic images. They are not jerky, or grainy, or distorted (no bowed walls or bubble effects). Compare with other providers and the difference is unmistakable – much more real life panos. We support partial panos as well as full 360s.

No Downloads Required - We support three industry standard players to ensure everyone can see our panos, no matter what PC platform they have. Our software auto-selects the most appropriate player, depending on what the PC supports, so each visitor gets the best possible experience, without any guesswork or downloads required.

Pano Players Supported:
Flash v.7 supported by ~98% of computers
Flash v.8 supported by ~94% of computers
Quicktime supported by ~75% of computers

Sleek, intuitive interface - Nothing is more important than your images. So it’s vital that the interface for viewing them is intuitive and sticky. The proof is in the pudding – our server logs show average hold time of more than 7 mins, that’s about 10 times longer than an average web page.

Auto-detect Screen Size - Amazingly over 10% of users screens are still set to 800*600 resolution. Most large format virtual tours are too big, and get chopped off on the right side and bottom of the screen! The same happens for the estimated 17% of “old-school” users like who like to have “favorites” or “search” locked in the left sidebar. When users are forced to scroll up and down they get frustrated and quickly leave, but scrolling left to right is the kiss of death.

In contrast, we have two viewer formats which are auto-selected based on screen settings - so your tour is always in full view.

Many ways to launch tours - Our viewers can be launched directly from the browser; from an email link, from another web site, local MLS or your company website; and may even be embedded into custom web pages. The best case one can hope for is to display a popup window because the only thing in it is the tour… no browser buttons, no toolbars, no junk. Tricking the popup blockers, or rather complying with them, is a fine art we have mastered. Our system displays the best viewing experience it can, for each PC.

Custom branded tour link - If preserving your brand down to the finest detail is important, you can have a fully customized branded tour link url: and can create customized links such as this requires complex DNS configuration and is not part of our standard package.

Maps and Aerial imagery - To complement your virtual tour photography, our platform supports fully integrated Yahoo maps and satellite imagery. In addition you can load your own map images and add annotations to them for community tours and points of interest. The custom map support is ideal for site maps on development projects and apartment listings, vacation rentals and so on.